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Daniel Teitelbaum is a Pacific Northwest-based photographer, writer and visual storyteller stoked on the outdoors and its community.

As a former Journalism student at the University of Oregon, Daniel was often nowhere near campus but instead strapped into a splitboard, tied into a rope, or looking for new ways to spend his time in the outdoors.

Likely begging his friends to join him, Daniel has high hopes of capturing them performing in their elements. Often confused by the standard expectations of life, Daniel’s are a bit more free-flowing. Mentally willing to join in on any adventure, he is constantly searching for the next friend, story, or photograph to contribute to his life story, even if he’s really in way over his head.

After receiving his Bachelor's of Science in Photojournalism in 2024, Daniel will be going on to get his Master's in Multimedia Journalism, focusing more of his attention in the Documentary and Commercial Filmmaking space.


As Featured In:

Bend Magazine

Outside Bozeman Magazine

Montana Fly Fishing Magazine

Balance Slackline Magazine

Cast Fishing Guide

Stalk Hunting Guide

The Blue Light Guide

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